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In 1949, just as a new technology called television was first emerging, Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, landed the rolls that would bring them fame and immortality. With Clayton as "The Masked Man" and Jay as his faithful Indian companion, the  duo of justice thundered out of the old west and into living rooms across suburbia.

The popularity of the characters in the 1950s was amazing as millions of youngsters learned the concepts of justice, fairness and integrity through the small screen. Adoring fans of the Hollywood western series showed their adulation by purchasing anything marked Lone Ranger. There where masks, pearl handled cap pistols, white cowboy hats, imitation silver bullets, cereal premiums, comic books, lunch boxes, trading cardsLone Ranger Mug and an astounding array of logo toys that sold by the millions.

Today those logo items are cherished and sought after by enthusiasts around the world. The market for Lone Ranger collectibles has become very active, as many of the same fans that grew up with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels as their cowboy heroes in the fifties are now avid collectors. Add to that, the fact that many of those same items are now truly rare, and you can see why collecting vintage Lone Ranger and Tonto merchandise has become a smart collectible investment area.

Prices - Vintage Lone Ranger Collectibles

Lone Ranger Tin ToyLRanger Pinball toyAs is true of all collectibles the "law of supply and demand" controls prices, and Lone Ranger collectibles are no exception. Some of the more common items, such as badges and coloring books can readily be found for under $30, while the harder to find collectibles like the Esquire Tonto Indian costume set have been known to command prices over $500, in excellent condition.

One of the easiest ways to get an idea of the value of a particular collectible item, or to find out how much yours may be worth, is to see if any others like it have sold recently on eBay. And if so at what price? Do this by going to EBAY HERE and clicking on the 'advanced search' button at the top of the menu bar. This will Lone Ranger Bookbring you to a more detailed search screen. Enter your Lone Ranger collectible description, such as "Camco Lone Ranger pocket knife " then check the 'completed listings only' box and hit enter. This will bring up a list of all items that fit your description sold on eBay during the last month with the prices they sold for. (PLEASE NOTE: You must be a logged in member of eBay to use this feature. If you are not a member, sign up is FREE and you can do it HERE)

Please note - Not all collectibles listed here are vintage, some may be newly manufactured.
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